A self-taught artist from Omaha Nebraska, Bruce has painted canvas portraits for several US celebrities. Among them, Oprah Winfrey, former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson, and rappers Jay-Z, T.I., and Lil Kim.

In searching for a unique way to drive new, daily traffic to his first website, in 2008, he developed the comedy web series Bruce’s Thought of the Day, where he planned to display original artwork in each episode. He fell in love with filmmaking, and eventually forgot to place artwork in the background.

After briefly living in Atlanta, GA, Bruce found his way to Los Angeles, CA in 2011.  Since then, he has written a feature-length comedy screenplay, created a second web series titled Catching Up, and directed and produced the independently released documentary Abovethehype (2014).

In October of 2015, Bruce hosted a solo art exhibition featuring several new pieces, most of which explored the duality in consciousness in his favorite film characters.

He is currently writing his second feature-length screenplay, and working on a large-scale art project for the Omaha community.